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Joe DeAndrea 10/09/12 01:25 AM


Originally Posted by Who Is Ryan? (Post 113995342)
Idk, if I'd really even call this dubstep inspired but ok. I actually really dig the song

So it's confirmed that he did produce this?

http://www.rollingstone.com/music/ne...r-red-20120923 yep he did it. Hope him and shellback did more for the record though, way too many tracks and the 2 confirmed are too good for those to be the only ones. I like that Bhasker produced something though, that should be interesting.

mattregan 10/09/12 02:11 AM

Taylor has jumped the shark. Surprised you guys like the new tunes.

cshadows2887 10/09/12 03:13 AM

If making excellent pop songs is jumping the shark, I hope people throw sharks in the path of every artist.

mattregan 10/09/12 03:16 AM

She was a country artist. She isn't anymore.

betterthanyou99 10/09/12 04:01 AM


Originally Posted by mattregan (Post 113997492)
She was a country artist. She isn't anymore.

'Begin Again' disagrees.

The Gunz Show 10/09/12 05:00 AM

digging this.

- Gunz

jesse-k 10/09/12 05:34 AM

Suprisingly good.

E=MCHAMMER 10/09/12 05:35 AM

Sounds like a rejected Avril Lavigne song

Kris_Gontz9 10/09/12 05:47 AM


Originally Posted by DandonTRJ (Post 113995872)
As soon as the music kicked in, all I could think of was this goddamn Bleach song.

Bleach is Awesome, So many good songs, specially the openings, (Rolling Star, Alones, chAngE, etc)

EndlessPrisoner 10/09/12 06:07 AM

Yup. Still love this.

Matt Chylak 10/09/12 06:44 AM

this is good. like, "I might buy this album" good.

tomtom94 10/09/12 07:04 AM


Originally Posted by mattregan (Post 113997492)
She was a country artist. She isn't anymore.

How dare an artist embrace different genres of music, eh?

theherox 10/09/12 07:06 AM

I sincerely hope this is the LAST song where she sings EE EE EE EE EE EE, just like eh eh eh eh eh in Red. haha

seems pretty good. definitely plenty of familiar melodies, but they're all tied together really well

herestoyoufla 10/09/12 07:16 AM

Really love that chorus melody and i don't even listen to Taylor Swift.

The Revisionist 10/09/12 07:47 AM

This song is terrible. I've liked the last couple though.