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fran.182 10/09/12 11:54 AM

Great pop song. I think Red is shaping up to be her best album so far.

guitarguy211 10/09/12 12:00 PM

Not my favorite song of hers, but it's still an awesome pop song. Can't wait to hear the album in full.

Avalanche1 10/09/12 12:04 PM

This is awesome

Archael 10/09/12 12:19 PM

still fucking rules. no moar we are never ever ever plz

Ryan Gardner 10/09/12 01:11 PM

This is all kinds of fantastic

HarryPotter 10/09/12 01:46 PM

Still really poppy. I dont think ill ever be a big fan, but who cares, she has more than enough

Acad08 10/09/12 05:15 PM

Pretty cool.