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Aliarcy 10/09/12 11:08 AM

new Coheed is definitely worth picking up

NorthstarPark 10/09/12 11:16 AM

The only thing I'm picking up is my vomit after seeing the all time low background.

MattDennis 10/09/12 11:23 AM

Haven't seen anyone mention Twins yet, Ty Segall's new solo LP. Came out today and damn what a year he's having.

Festivus 10/09/12 11:47 AM

Its kinda amazing how much better this Bad Books album is than the first one. Picked it up today with zero regrets.

guitarguy211 10/09/12 12:06 PM

All Time Low, Lacey's new single, the ABR Christmas album.

May spin Texas In July or Hostage Calm again if I have time.

pridewar 10/09/12 12:09 PM

METZ new self-titled came out on Subpop today. Suprised I haven't seen more about them on here. Give it a listen here:


Brand New - Daisy
Sainthood Reps
Young Widows
Bood Brothers

njsuccessstory 10/09/12 12:19 PM

The new album for The Wallflowers slays. Mick Jones from The Clash kills on the songs he produces. First time seeing them back together again in LA at The Fonda.

QuietThings430 10/09/12 12:33 PM

Bad Books, Coheed, Macklemore and Mellowhype. Jeez there is going to be so much music this month.

leftapart 10/09/12 02:12 PM

Tame Impala

kazuma_ootaro28 10/09/12 02:20 PM

Excited for Tame Impala, Converge, and Daphni. BTBAM should be good too.

taborbrown 10/09/12 02:22 PM

Got Converge, Hostage Calm, ATL, and Trash Talk.

jdr277 10/09/12 03:23 PM

Why?, and Freelance Whales have already earned their spot in my top 10 this year, Bad Books is another good one but I'll have to spend some more time with it.

TypicalMiracle 10/09/12 03:46 PM

The new Coheed and Converge records are definitely both worth buying.

gr33ndayfr3ak 10/09/12 04:34 PM

Not enough Troubled Coast love in here, the new album is fantastic.

snowboarderkid 10/09/12 05:17 PM

Just All Time Low and Texas In July for me