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Jason Tate 10/09/12 01:00 AM

Albums in Stores Today: 10-09-2012
Here are the albums that are in stores today. Pick up anything good? What do you recommend for other viewers? If we missed anything, please add it to our calendar. Check out rdio or spinner for album streams of new releases.

NickIsI 10/09/12 03:06 AM


Anyways, what a day.

Converge, Trash Talk, Hostage Calm, and Luther.

snoboardnfreek 10/09/12 03:19 AM

BTBAM, CoCa, and ABR

kidinthebushes 10/09/12 04:23 AM

Does anyone know why All Time Low's Don't Panic isn't available on AmazonMP3?

larokr 10/09/12 04:55 AM


Originally Posted by kidinthebushes (Post 113997992)
Does anyone know why All Time Low's Don't Panic isn't available on AmazonMP3?

That's weird. It's also not available on Spotify yet. I preordered the album from Vintage Vinyl for an instore and won't be able to pick it up until Friday, so I was planning on listening to it through there while I waited. :(

rr_thecrowing 10/09/12 05:10 AM

Let loose the bots of spam!

Anyway, my Rdio queue's got: Coheed, Freelance Whales, All Time Low, The Wallflowers, AC Newman, Nine Black Alps, and Bad Books. Listened to WHY? a fair deal last week; it's a good one, too.

zbrmike79 10/09/12 05:11 AM

huge day of stuff to listen to,
Coheed and Cambria
Freelance Whales
Bad Books
Trash Talk
AC Newman
Ellie Goulding
Tame Impala

probably a lot of stuff i'm not thinking about, gah!
my ears are going to be all over the place.

cubsml34 10/09/12 05:25 AM

Converge was kick ass, the first few ABR songs have also been kick ass, Hostage Calm was kind of underwhelming for me first listen but I feel like it'll grow on me. Need to check out Coheed, BTBAM.

glogglies 10/09/12 05:31 AM

Amazing day to be a music fan. Why?'s new album is absolutely amazing to listen to. A couple lackluster tracks, but it's also got my two new favorite Why? tracks (Waterlines, Sod In The Seed) on it. And then Coheed's new album which I'd say is their best since In Keeping Secrets.

Xiegfried 10/09/12 05:31 AM

Grabbing Don't Panic as soon as my first class lets out.

Chemical Love 10/09/12 05:34 AM

Hopefully I can pick up Trash Talk and Converge today.

j1887m 10/09/12 05:37 AM

Gonna check out All Time Low. I'm not a big rap fan but there's something about MGK I just like so I may give his new one a listen.

aradiantsunrise 10/09/12 05:38 AM

A Fine Frenzy (not in stores until next week though)
Ellie Goulding
Freelance Whales
Trash Talk

iAMhollyood315 10/09/12 05:43 AM

Coheed and Cambria
Texas In July
The Acacia strain

good thing i have rdio, cause i don't have $40 to drop on all the good records out today

thesinkingship 10/09/12 06:08 AM

New Coheed is fantastic