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Jason Tate 10/09/12 10:08 AM

Neon Trees on Jay Leno [Video]
Neon Trees' performance of their new single "Lessons in Love (All Day, All Night)" on Jay Leno, can be found here.

Submitted by smowashere

Tyler Dumont 10/09/12 10:14 AM

"Weekend" should really be a single. They'd be insane to not make it one.

bobsheiskawy 10/09/12 11:02 AM

this is definitely one of my favorites from the record. great single choice.

guitarguy211 10/09/12 12:08 PM

Awesome album. Spun it a ton this summer.

CluckyB 10/09/12 12:23 PM

Good choice but there are also better songs on the album. This is still just the second single, right? I would've gone with Moving in the Dark or Teenage Sounds but really the album is so deep most anything would do.

xName Takenx 10/09/12 02:50 PM


Originally Posted by Tyler Dumont (Post 114006982)
"Weekend" should really be a single. They'd be insane to not make it one.

this. so hard.... that is a fantastic song.

Anybody watch the whole video??? Dude dances like he wants to be MJ so bad...

great performance nonetheless!

sidewacker 10/09/12 06:35 PM

Great single choice. This was by far my top CD of the summer. I'm a sucker for electronic 80s sounds. Speaking of the "Weekend" and MJ and totally, you can really hear the MJ influence in that song.