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MyJukeboxBroke 10/09/12 11:21 AM

better intro music
Do you like dexter or the walking deads music

domotime2 10/09/12 11:31 AM

XenoAbe 10/09/12 12:57 PM


Alex DiVincenzo 10/09/12 06:46 PM

I think The Walking Dead's theme is better, but I love how Dexter's intro is shot.

wall e 10/10/12 05:31 AM

Dexter is my favorite theme of any show that's currently on TV.

Clintoto 10/10/12 09:54 PM

The Walking Dead. I also like how the tune starts up in the scene before the credits begin.

Scrawns 10/10/12 11:33 PM

Game of Thrones tops all

dash64 10/11/12 02:10 PM

I like both but as far as musically I prefer The Walking Dead. My favorite would probably be Mad Men.