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VictoriaS 10/09/12 08:09 PM

And I thought the price on Nofx's box set was too much...not cheap like punk music these days

3GunGaz 10/09/12 10:32 PM

Looks amazing - bit too much for me though, especially when it's all on 7"s. Aesthetically great but not practical if you want to listen to it!

mrnubnub 10/09/12 11:30 PM

So fucking stupid.

outsideneptune 10/10/12 07:05 AM


Originally Posted by rawesome (Post 114018022)
Rancid is cool, but this boxset is silly.

Other way around.

mickmadethelist 10/12/12 01:35 PM

I like it. Also, did anyone else see that one of the sets comes with a baseball bat?