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Jake Denning 10/09/12 02:55 PM

AP.net Interview: Winds Of Plague
You can read our interview with Winds of Plague here. Look for a brand new album in early 2013.
From The InterviewI dunno man, I think the scene's always changing and evolving, I'm sure it was that way before us, and I'm sure when we were coming up as that young band, all the older bands were like "aw, fuck these guys". Now our waves kind of dying out, and the new waves coming up.

Journey408 10/10/12 12:04 AM

band rules

outsideneptune 10/10/12 07:07 AM

Band blows, but bewbs.

Rysker6 10/10/12 09:49 AM

I have always loathed deathcore

kbomb001 10/11/12 12:30 AM

i like Johnny's honesty