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Drew Beringer 10/10/12 01:46 PM

PureVolume Presents: Acoustic Coheed Live
PureVolume has some exclusive live videos of Coheed and Cambria playing some new song acoustically here.

PHI Flyers10 10/10/12 03:00 PM

"Some new song"? Way to get my hopes up. This is The Afterman, clearly stated in the article. Might wanna change the title so other people don't get excited like I just did.

drewinseries 10/10/12 04:38 PM

I was expecting some songs of the album we haven't heard yet done acoustically.

blindrider529 10/10/12 05:16 PM

NEW? That album so came out like yesterday. Like, totally not new. Like, come on.

bobcatbob18 10/10/12 05:42 PM

Such a rad tune. It's definitely one of my favorites from TA:A.

Protested Hero 10/11/12 03:08 AM

What a sloppy news article. Great song though.