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Nexus Strife 10/11/12 05:16 PM

Listen and Post Music
I got the idea from an old forum I went to a while ago.

1. The game is to listen to the song that the last person posted and then post your own song for someone else to listen to.
2. Try to leave very short caption or description for the song you posted and the song you just listened to (comment on any song you wish, but at least do the one before your post).
3. Ideally, you want to post (really advertise) some lesser known songs and or ones that are really meaningful to you.

The point is to spread around some tunes you find enjoyable, have a snip of others' taste in music, etc.

So here's mine: it's from a very well known album but there are so many memories of mine attached to it. I hope you guys enjoy this game and the song I chose.

Saves the Day - Nighting Gale (Stay What You Are)

Archael 10/11/12 06:04 PM

This is a cool idea.

I love Saves the Day. Stay What You Are is in my opinion one of the best pop punk albums to ever exist and Nightingale just might be the best song on the album.

Here's my song: it's one of the year's best records so far, somewhere between alt rock and noise punk.

Future of the Left - Sheena is a T-Shirt Salesman

Fame<Infamy 10/11/12 07:02 PM


Slangster 10/13/12 03:25 PM