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Rob McWilliams 10/11/12 06:07 PM

Vice Presidential Debate: October 11th
Alright, fuck it, whatever. Pretty sure the Politics general thread won't last through tonight's debate, so whatever.

Expecting zingers on zingers on zingers.

Neo Cassady 10/11/12 06:09 PM

Sup. As I said in the general thread...I'd rather be watching hockey.

knash9 10/11/12 06:09 PM

Biden laughs are great.

MyBestFiend 10/11/12 06:09 PM

Should be doing homework. Watching this malarkey instead.

leftapart 10/11/12 06:10 PM

Was just about to start a thread here. Both parties on the attack early. Looking for to seeing how Paul Ryan handles himself since this is the first time most of America is hearing from him.

Rob McWilliams 10/11/12 06:10 PM

Ryan's smugface reminds me of Curious George walking in on The Man in the Yellow Hat jerking himself.

leftapart 10/11/12 06:10 PM


Originally Posted by MyBestFiend (Post 114098902)
Should be doing homework. Watching this malarkey instead.

hahahaha nice ;-)

daftpunker45 10/11/12 06:10 PM

Ryan is drinking too much water.

David87 10/11/12 06:11 PM

Biden is pissy

Neo Cassady 10/11/12 06:12 PM

Good questions tonight. Much better than "how do you and your opponent differ on [issue]?" Specific questions (hopefully) lead to specific answers.

Ferrari333SP 10/11/12 06:12 PM

Biden really going on the attack; love this.

daftpunker45 10/11/12 06:12 PM

Okay. What?

Rob McWilliams 10/11/12 06:12 PM

Dat Biden smile

daftpunker45 10/11/12 06:13 PM

Mod laying down the law.

knash9 10/11/12 06:13 PM

Biden needs to mention that libyans love us.

That was an abrupt change.