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rekker94 10/12/12 08:03 AM

Hahaha gotta love Rob and the dudes in Patent Pending.

bgeez120 10/12/12 08:05 AM

I just don't really care about this whole debacle anymore. Both sides should just shut the fuck up about it and be men and put it behind them. Also, I just don't really like Patend Pending. But if it's any consolation, I have a very low tolerance for bands that sing songs about dancing and douchebags.

PetitnaindesĪles 10/12/12 08:05 AM

possibly the best video response i've seen concerning a band's incident

Joey-Wan Kenobi 10/12/12 08:06 AM

that was awkward but humorous. has he been on snl before? haha.

SuNDaYSTaR 10/12/12 08:07 AM

Very funny and classy response to Kris.

PeeDster 10/12/12 08:08 AM


lost respect for Kris Roe. don't even care anymore if rob was "drunk", you just don't throw someone under the bus like he did.

cubsml34 10/12/12 08:09 AM

So funny

fuldanips 10/12/12 08:10 AM

What a fucking classic way to handle the situation. Good for you man.

B.Leibo 10/12/12 08:12 AM


JoePending 10/12/12 08:13 AM

It's just funny to see Patent Pending on TMZ - http://www.tmz.com/2012/10/12/the-at...nger-kris-roe/

AL1VE 10/12/12 08:15 AM

I don't see how he 'won' anything. Obviously Kris shouldn't have done what he did, but why is this guy (Rob) milking the whole incident?

bobsheiskawy 10/12/12 08:17 AM

needless to say, along with countless others, i have since left the ataris.

WeWereGiants 10/12/12 08:20 AM

I love Patent Pending. So many good lines from this video
"Being grown up isn't half as fun... As throwing drums"
"I, like many others, have now left The Ataris"
"Good times to be had and no drums to be thrown"

weirderthanu210 10/12/12 08:20 AM

The is fantastic.

Holly HoX! 10/12/12 08:20 AM

Wwwehhhhhhooooooo fuuuuucccckkkkkiiinnnnngggg ccccaaaarrrrrreeeeeeeessssss???????