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Cursethishearse 10/12/12 12:23 PM


Originally Posted by ACA (Post 114124592)
Lukas toured with Thursday (and with Geoff on a few different projects) for a number of years. I think, near the end, he was somewhat officially added to the band. Not sure if he ever wrote/record with them, I think Tim always handled that.

Tim recorded and wrote, rarely toured at the end. Lukas was the touring bassist but was included in with the band when they did their farewell.

jasonmeowz 10/12/12 12:51 PM

another complaint about lukas being referred to an ex-thursday member (he's been in so many projects)

nungaray 10/12/12 12:56 PM

def not ex-thursday. should remove the "ex-thursday". especially a touring member

KingMax01 10/12/12 06:33 PM

So this could also be an ex-La Dispute or Acid Tiger band by the same reason

signal to noise 10/13/12 09:11 AM

if he wasn't so involved in the Thursday camp then they probably would have broken up 2 years earlier than they did. Thursday is my favorite band and I have zero issues with saying Lukas is ex-Thursday.

i also liked this song. so I'm just full of disagreement here.

tuneouttunein37 10/13/12 10:54 AM

songs actually really cool. i dont really care if he was in thursday or not.

risew/thefallen 10/18/12 04:41 AM

Lets be honest, would any of you guys really have clicked on this news story if you didn't see Thursday's name attached to it? The first time I heard of Regents they were referred to as a mini super group citing Thursday and Frodus as the ex bands. Good band. Want to hear more from them.

LukasP 10/19/12 06:49 PM

Clear this up!
Hey everyone. Lets clear this mess up. First off the real reason this should not be labeled "ex-thursday" is because I did not play on this recording,J robbins did so lets give credit where credits due (also the dude was in jawbox, nuff said) . I played in thursday for almost a half decade with the only shows sitting out being hometown *(sometimes id play third guitar). If you bought no devo you will see my name in the liner notes, if you click the link included you will see promo photos including me, and ive attached a link to geoffs thursday tattoo he got on our last tour in australia. Its all the members initials.

I owe a lot to thursday and to tim, I was not a bass player until I had to fill his shoes.
Thursday were and still are my family.

Obviously me and Geoff have UN, without saying too much ill say we have recorded recently with a slight lineup change. Me and Tom are also playing music (mostly just for fun for now.) Acid tiger was my band that I shared with some amazing musicians, and you are correct in saying I filled in for la dispute. As far as recorded material with thursday, i played on the daytrotter sessions. I play for regents when I can and have a new band that will be fulltime, but its just not time to talk about it.

I hope this clears up any confusion.