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Drew Beringer 10/12/12 08:49 AM

Featured Video: Code Orange Kids - "Flowermouth (The Leech)"
In the replies you can check out Code Orange Kids chaotic new video for "Flowermouth (The Leech)." It's the opening track off the band's upcoming new album Love is Love // Return to Dust (in stores November 20th), which is one of the best heavy albums I've heard all year. Enjoy.

Drew Beringer 10/12/12 08:50 AM

spaghettti 10/12/12 08:55 AM

damn. I didn't like their last EP but this is great.

kevinjordan 10/12/12 08:56 AM

Never heard these guys and gal. Holy shit.

Adam Pfleider 10/12/12 09:01 AM

Max Moore. a fucking beast.

ZackLloyd 10/12/12 09:03 AM

So good.

tre 10/12/12 09:04 AM

Max Moore #1!

troubledbyinsects 10/12/12 09:04 AM

SO good

philbylink 10/12/12 09:04 AM

holy shit

wall e 10/12/12 09:05 AM

put on some shirts

edwardyyy 10/12/12 09:08 AM

I am so excited for this album. This song rules.

kcpunk 10/12/12 09:41 AM

Yeah, Max Moore seems like the guy to go to. Awesome video.

truthbetoldxx 10/12/12 10:04 AM

I feel like I'm the only one who really doesn't like this band, sometimes.

Sawhney[rusted] 10/12/12 11:14 AM

Holy shit. I didn't really like Cycles much, but this is much catchier/exciting. Gonna listen to the album now.

Jaytothesyg 10/12/12 11:34 AM

Damn, This is very good. A lot better then anything I've heard from them before