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bobsheiskawy 10/12/12 09:26 AM

New Interview With Stephen Christian of Anberlin
New interview discusses the creation of Vital, the band's upcoming tour with Smashing Pumpkins, side projects, vinyl, and more!


The Gryphonator 10/12/12 10:16 AM

Nice! I will give this a listen later.

So obsessed with Vital right now.... haha

SpyKi 10/12/12 12:18 PM

Nice and lengthy.

RockVocalPower 10/12/12 12:47 PM

Learn to edit.

The Gryphonator 10/12/12 01:47 PM

^^ Haha, too opposing views, apparently.

I think it's interesting how Joey didn't have much inspiration when they wrote Dark is the Way... yet, it all poured out of him right after they finished it. And then he later says that everyone was at a creative peak when writing Vital.

Sounds like they need to make sure the timing is right before they hit the studio from now on.

Matt Metzler 10/12/12 08:13 PM

Fantastic interview, thanks for posting this!

bobsheiskawy 10/16/12 03:40 PM

also, he's a review of vital: http://mindequalsblown.net/2012/10/16/anberlin-vital/