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Keagan Ilvonen 10/12/12 11:51 AM

Pompton Lakes Release New Song
Pompton Lakes (ex-This Day and Age) have released their first song entitled "Home" which you can stream in the replies. The song is off their upcoming debut record that will be released on October 30th.

Keagan Ilvonen 10/12/12 11:52 AM


lotusmilano 10/12/12 11:57 AM

Wonderful as always

anamericangod 10/12/12 11:58 AM

The bridge of this song is gorgeous.

absolution 10/12/12 12:01 PM

is Jeff living in Pompton Lakes now? Come to the city, my mannnnnn

takeaction 10/12/12 12:05 PM

This is nice.

gold soundz 10/12/12 12:18 PM

This rules. Also posting in pompton lakes.

Anton Djamoos 10/12/12 01:46 PM

Ready for a full-length.

SpyKi 10/12/12 01:50 PM

Love this guys voice, excited for this.

GeeBee 10/12/12 02:50 PM

Love the voice, but the lyrics are a tad cliche...

buckcheeks 10/12/12 03:54 PM

Picks right up where The Bell and the Hammer left off. Absolutely love this.

p93 10/12/12 04:38 PM

Oh, I need more of this in my life.

singregardless 10/12/12 04:48 PM

glad jeff is back. SO ready for this release.

InfiniteArms 10/12/12 05:11 PM

I love this

blindrider529 10/12/12 10:09 PM

VERY excited about this!

JoshCool7717 10/13/12 02:28 PM


mikeXXXnj 10/13/12 05:43 PM

way to name your band after a town in new jersey.

sweetfootaction 10/13/12 08:32 PM


Originally Posted by mikeXXXnj (Post 114167912)
way to name your band after a town in new jersey.

Good job at pointing things out. You sure showed them!

mikeXXXnj 10/14/12 05:10 AM


Originally Posted by sweetfootaction (Post 114171902)
Good job at pointing things out. You sure showed them!

lololol u so mad.

theherox 10/14/12 12:44 PM

this was fantastic!

super happy to live in a world where I can listen to This Day & Age, The Reign of Kindo, and now,

Pompton Lakes! whoo!!!

mattjritter 10/14/12 01:13 PM

This is very, very good.

XenoAbe 10/15/12 06:10 AM

Jeff's voice!

dohare 10/15/12 09:33 AM

loved day and age, love this.

stollio 10/19/12 05:07 PM

This day and age left a gaping hole in my life...I hope this will fill it. Then I'll just have my Acceptance hole left to deal with