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neo506 10/12/12 01:42 PM

These are damn good.

Also interesting to note the producer played the drums on both of these tracks...hes normally their keyboard player

chrisstahl 10/12/12 01:44 PM


Originally Posted by Christopher N (Post 114130172)
These are actually really fucking good. I feel like they haven't actually been mixed properly though and the only reason Kris is releasing them is to sort of move passed the Asbury thing.

Regardless of how much of a cunt Kris Roe is, I'm still stoked for this album.

I love the mix. I think it's caused it was all analog. Sounds like the songs actually have life in them and not defibrillated by pro tools.

touchdownboi 10/12/12 01:52 PM

Stoked that they rerecorded Fast Times. Sounds fucking awesome.

brentstailing 10/12/12 02:01 PM

These are actually the bees knees.

hoser1689 10/12/12 02:27 PM

All jokes aside these are actually really really good.

zacharyj 10/12/12 02:45 PM

According to the about section (located on the side of bandcamp page) these songs are "chock full of beautiful mistakes." Clearly not that many or Kris Roe would have to throw instruments at himself.

gr33ndayfr3ak 10/12/12 03:04 PM

Never thought I'd be able to say that a song by The Ataris gave me chills, but Fast Times at Dropout High did just that. Maybe this hellishly long wait will actually be worth it.

saddr weirdr 10/12/12 03:09 PM

Holy shit these songs are fantastic

buddah knome 10/12/12 03:16 PM

Can't wait to listen to these! Love the ataris and could care less about the shit thats been happening. Its over let it go.

RyanWilliam 10/12/12 03:29 PM

5 and a half minute songs. Stop it Kris. Your voice sounds best in 2:30-3:00 intervals.

Crowe41 10/12/12 03:34 PM

Fast times at Dropout high...damn Kris, why have you had to be so silent all of these years. One of the best, regardless of your demons.

TomAce 10/12/12 03:41 PM

eh, i'm sick of all these "woah" chorus'. also thought it was going to break into "Purple Rain" there at the end.

danielinskeep 10/12/12 04:04 PM

ahhh. fast times was always my favorite. sounds phenomenal.

Bryan Mac 10/12/12 04:30 PM

Pretty boring. Fast Times At Dropout High has always been weak as fuck.
Won't top All Saints Day.

p93 10/12/12 04:48 PM

Holy shit. These are so great. This record needs to be in my ears. I'm ecstatic to see that Kris has gone the slower and more melodic route for some songs on this record, the way Welcome the Night was. I'll always champion that record as being criminally under appreciated.