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Adam Pfleider 10/12/12 01:20 PM

Consequential Apathy: Art Damage
Last week I met up with Colin Frangicetto to talk about music and art. I began writing what was supposed to be last week's column, but other factors in my life got in the way, and I returned to it this week. At the same time, discussion brewed again about Buzzmedia "buying up all the punk stock" or whatever, and it just sort of hit me about how much we complain about the price of art and our trades versus the creation of it. You can read my very long rant on the subject here. This week I have one question for you: How much of your time, money and effort have you put into something you loved for more than just the return? Take this weekend to make like The Hold Steady, and try to stay positive.

Holly HoX! 10/12/12 02:07 PM

Great post, Adam. As always.

theHECKLER 10/12/12 03:49 PM

Fear before the march of flames: art damage

Chris Collum 10/12/12 04:09 PM


make like The Hold Steady, and try to stay positive.

Bryan GribbIe 10/12/12 04:38 PM

Can we discuss the FBtMoF album Art Damage instead? That record shreds and more people should know that.

HanLuk 10/13/12 03:44 AM

Im the life of the party until I sober up....

JoshCool7717 10/13/12 02:25 PM

How about a thread discussing how fucking awesome FBTMOF was and how fucking awesome All Human is. Bands who are in it for the art.