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Keagan Ilvonen 10/12/12 02:03 PM

Underoath Farewell Tour On Sale
Tickets for Underoath's farewell tour are now on sale.

CoheedForever 10/12/12 02:04 PM

I still can't believe those are all the dates.

Corgkowznor 10/12/12 02:29 PM

In other news, there are still no west coast dates.

InExile 10/12/12 02:37 PM

Fuck the West Coast. Yeah, I said it.

Dctromotola 10/12/12 02:56 PM

already got a ticket for the show at the metro. not sure how fast they are going to sell. I don't even have plans yet, but i figured i should get them today just in case.

iseejosh 10/12/12 02:57 PM

Any official word concerning Aarons involvement?

texan4lif281 10/12/12 03:06 PM

Got tickets for the Houston date! So excited

TheRealJohnOC 10/12/12 03:38 PM

I'll be at Irving Plaza!

DeviateRogue 10/12/12 03:52 PM

I'd love to go, been digging MewithoutYou

HarryPotter 10/12/12 04:12 PM

no Aaron no care. Yes Aaron me there.

Supernova 10/12/12 04:41 PM

Pretty stoked for this one. Get to see 3 acts I've been aching to see all I one show. All 3 openers.

Quijiba 10/12/12 04:50 PM


Originally Posted by iseejosh (Post 114133632)
Any official word concerning Aarons involvement?

Haven't heard anything but having him there would be unbelievable.

NateFoundGlory 10/12/12 06:10 PM

I have a feeling Aaron won't be a part of this, save for maybe the final show or two. They've moved on without him, seems they wanna end it that way.

re7ard1337 10/12/12 06:21 PM

got a ticket to the last show, i'm surprised by how cheap they are. mostly going for ACB.

EncasedInIce 10/12/12 06:32 PM

Got a ticket to the Tampa show! Show will be crazy