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Christian Wagner 10/14/12 11:54 AM

Yellowcard To Play String Of Dates With Young Blood
Yellowcard will be doing a string of dates with Young Blood (Ryan of Rookie Of The Year's new project). Dates will be announced tomorrow. Head to the replies to watch a small introduction video of Young Blood.

Christian Wagner 10/14/12 11:54 AM

TrippSpears 10/14/12 12:10 PM

Young Blood and Yellowcard- heck yes! Super Stoked!

SILYW 10/14/12 12:11 PM

Honestly looking forward to this, it has such potential :) I hope ROTY won't be put to the wayside though

EndlessPrisoner 10/14/12 12:11 PM

Is this a new YC tour? or what?

krystaisballin 10/14/12 12:14 PM

young blood<3. so incredible. i love everything about this! check them out & tell all your friends!! (:

SummerNights15 10/14/12 12:18 PM

we better get ready! thriller(stoked) to see Young Blood on tour with Yellowcard

ChristynNicole 10/14/12 12:20 PM

definitely interested to hear more out of Young Blood & see how this tour does. Looks like it could be effective for nostalgic purposes and pull in new fans/friends at the same time. Stoked to hear where the dates are.

jaxonpoe 10/14/12 12:20 PM

so in love
i could not be MORE jazzed for this tour! when you combine the talents of the old young bloods and rookie of the year into this stunningly gorgeous new venture... all i'm saying is this: perfection. amazing sound. total sweethearts. what more could you ask for!? <3

Fsflife 10/14/12 12:21 PM

This is going to be awesome! I need to see Young Blood play. DATES PLEASE!

taralyn6788 10/14/12 12:21 PM

I couldn't be happier for you Ryan! along with being an amazing musician you are an incredible person...hopefully i will get to see you while your on tour. Miss you soo much

little-liar 10/14/12 12:27 PM

Congrats Ry!
I am so stoked for you and all your successes Ryan! I KNOW that you will kick some more ass!
Brittany C ;)

EndlessPrisoner 10/14/12 12:32 PM

also this clip sounds awful.
i'm saying this because i want a billion quotes by 16 year old girls being all umad.

bradsonemanband 10/14/12 12:35 PM

hearing Ryan play (what sounds like to be) heavier music again will be awesome! i'm stoked.

molly183 10/14/12 12:40 PM

This is awesome! I can't wait to hear more from Young Blood, and I'm stoked they'll be playing shows with Yellowcard.