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vabchchick 10/15/12 10:41 AM

This is going to be an amazing tour. I never miss a Rookie of The Year show and I am so excited to see Young Blood perform live! I really like what I have heard so far. Make sure to check them out and spread the word! Trust me, you will not be disappointed. :)

Ginnymack 10/15/12 11:09 AM

Anyone else think this had "a 30 seconds to Mars" esqe feel to it

mikenewsbears 10/16/12 06:54 PM


Originally Posted by Crimson_Curse (Post 114213142)

Thanks for agreeing with me, Crimson_Curse.


Originally Posted by spezialk (Post 114215222)
I've played the pong of beer with this dude at a few parties a couple years back.. seemed pretty normal to me.


Originally Posted by quickandsilver (Post 114216642)
He's a complete control freak...


Originally Posted by cusrock (Post 114217242)
i dont know what you guys are talking about??..ive toured with rookie before and tour managed for him!!...nothing could be farther from the truth the dude always is there to help you out and always wants to help younger less experienced bands out!!

Dude's a scumbag. Took all the money from the promoter and promised to pay out the rest of the bands but left the venue without paying anyone who performed. He stiffed me and all the other bands who were playing with him at the next show 6 hours away...across 2 states. It was one of the only shows people showed up to on tour and I actually made money. He essentially robbed me after busting my ass, and touring in a car by myself on my work vacation. Dude probably hasn't worked a day in his life.

I confronted him and he had the nerve to ask me for a drag while I was telling him off. I regret not knocking him the fuck out. Karma's a bitch.