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Drew Beringer 10/15/12 09:48 AM

Tegan & Sara Play New Song Live at ACL
Tegan and Sara performed a new song from its upcoming record Heartthrob at this past weekend's Austin City Limits Music Festival. You can view it in the replies.

Drew Beringer 10/15/12 09:48 AM

kaylasananjou 10/15/12 10:53 AM

Every song they've performed so far has been perfect. I really can't wait for this album.

ManchesterOrch8 10/15/12 11:43 AM

So good.

tell that mick 10/15/12 12:48 PM

This album is going to be ridiculous. Loving the direction they took.

chiefjordo 10/15/12 03:08 PM

Sounds so good.

mrnegativezero 10/15/12 05:36 PM

Gonna have to give the song a few more listens (along with "Closer"). I like them but they're not instant loves, like I had with "Northshore." Although it feels like they're branching far away from heavy guitar use.

EvaMore 10/15/12 06:18 PM

Love it. Love everything about it.

Penguin 10/15/12 07:54 PM

Wow. Now I'm even more upset that tickets to see them with The Killers are over $50. :(