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Drew Beringer 10/15/12 10:12 AM

New Gaslight Anthem 10" Available for Pre-Order
The Gaslight Anthem will be releasing a new 10" EP Hold You Up as a Record Store Day Black Friday exclusive (November 24th, 2012). You can pre-order it here.

Submitted by get up kidd

Anthony Sorendino 10/15/12 10:16 AM

Excited for the Bon Iver cover. :)

SteveLikesMusic 10/15/12 10:16 AM

$16+shipping for 3 songs :\

IceAge/HeatWave 10/15/12 10:18 AM

is that a Skinny Love cover? holy shit.

Thomas Nassiff 10/15/12 10:36 AM

Not preordering this one, gonna hold out and see where else I can get it.

Drew Beringer 10/15/12 10:46 AM


Originally Posted by Thomas Nassiff (Post 114217932)
Not preordering this one, gonna hold out and see where else I can get it.

yep, it's going to be way cheaper if not on RSD then just a few weeks after release

kidinthebushes 10/15/12 11:00 AM

Jesus, I just finally got a copy of Live at Park Ave...

kidinthebushes 10/15/12 11:01 AM

Will other bands be releasing stuff on Record Store Black Friday?

I'm not familiar with this.

zachff 10/15/12 11:08 AM

Will preorder this since I'll be out of town for Thanksgiving.

Twikki 10/15/12 11:15 AM

i heard brian do a cover of blood bank during angry johnny and the radio. would much rather them do that!

Chris Collum 10/15/12 11:33 AM

Hope Underground Sounds stocks this

Jaytothesyg 10/15/12 12:21 PM

This is gonna be awesome

dannylololol 10/15/12 12:48 PM

That's fucking expensive

evvandflow 10/15/12 12:56 PM

i doubt this will be super limited

AbbeyCarbs 10/15/12 01:37 PM

SKINNY LOVE WHATTTTT.... two of my top 4 bands ever colliding.

But I don't get why there's a preorder for this? If it's like record store day, shouldn't it only be available at independent stores??