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Drew Beringer 10/15/12 10:16 AM

Stream New Major League Song
You can stream a new Major League song "Final Thoughts" over at AltPress.

Submitted by JamieTheSonger

GetUpAndrew 10/15/12 10:27 AM

Song's really good; these guys are really stepping up their game, I'm pretty sure their new record won't disappoint us.

Archael 10/15/12 10:39 AM

awful band

Arry 10/15/12 10:52 AM

different. i like it.

Jaytothesyg 10/15/12 10:57 AM

These guys have gotten better, After hearing both new songs I'll check the album out

scormier2 10/15/12 12:20 PM

This band is awesome. I wish the vocals were higher in the mix though.

rocketcat 10/15/12 12:47 PM

Already pre-ordered the new album, both new songs are awesome.

Fourchordwonder 10/15/12 01:28 PM


Originally Posted by Archael (Post 114218032)
awful band

If you're referring to their past work, they've improved exponentially.

Calvin Lauber 10/15/12 01:34 PM

Man this band used to be so bland, but this is solid. Really catchy.

Joey-Wan Kenobi 10/15/12 02:24 PM


Originally Posted by scormier2 (Post 114221182)
This band is awesome. I wish the vocals were higher in the mix though.

i agree. the older material the vocals were always a bit louder, but the band was hidden.

oddly this makes me feel more like a live show atmosphere from the mix though.

Big_Guy 10/15/12 02:45 PM

this song is tolerable. the other new one was not. they just seem so average though

Paris1nFlames 10/15/12 09:04 PM

This band has come a long way.. I'm sure I'll think this album is alright, but then totally be into whatever release they do after