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Reptilia 01/26/08 06:35 PM

Rich Boy - Rich Boy
Rich Boy - Rich Boy
Record Label: Zone 4 / Interscope South Records
Release Date: March 13, 2007

Don't let the name of the album fool you - this is not Rich Boy's debut. Well, it is, but the focus here is hardly on the Alabama-based Rich Boy. No, the man who is truly being debuted is one hip-hop producer Polow da Don. Polow may be most famous for creating the beats to mostly hideously catchy pop (Pussycat Dolls' "Buttons" and Fergie's "London Bridge" are among his works), but here, he hones his production work to the point to where it doesn't really even matter whose record is heard; it's just club-stomping all the same.

Now, that has its good and bad qualities. For one, lead single "Throw Some D's" defies the convention of the silly materialistic and ringtone-based rap and manages to be endearingly catchy as opposed to annoyingly catchy. The second single "Boy Looka Here" is also a fantastic marching band-based number and an interesting tribute to the South's love of marching bands and football. However, that love is shown only in the music as the lyrics have nothing of the sort to say other than boring drug references. And tracks like "Role Models," "Good Things," and "What It Do" work on the production side to create catchy, if not brilliant, songs.

Unfortunately, Polow seems to forget one key thing: his protégé isn't exactly talented or really different. It says volumes when the biggest moment on the album comes from Andre 3000's appearance on the "Throw Some D's" remix, managing to turn a song about Cadillacs and new money into a rags-to-riches life lesson. Too much of Rich Boy's style is playing up the same "gangsta" stereotypes and not really doing anything to distance his flow and his lack of profound or at least interesting rhyme from anybody else's in the modern rap scene. And unfortunately, the Polow Show doesn't cover those flaws.

CircaSin 02/02/08 01:58 AM

why even bother with this? Review good hip-hop

a.t.123 02/04/08 07:23 PM

yeah really
it'd help a lot more if there was a good hip hop album review because then i might pick it up
i had no interest in this before and dont know

mewithcoldplay 02/07/08 12:11 PM

i don't know about this review........

you can't say these guys play up the gangster stereotype...that's them, that's their life...why would they pretend to be something else?

i'd give this album 7/10....this dude shows some promise...