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Drew Beringer 10/16/12 10:07 AM

Stream New P.O.S Album
You can stream P.O.S' fantastic new album We Don't Even Live Here here.

Star Slight 10/16/12 10:15 AM

gotta listen after class. haven't listened to any of the songs released yet

tacosforcharles 10/16/12 10:19 AM

Oh man, can't wait to listen to this after work today. One of my most anticipated of the year.

gonfreaks 10/16/12 10:26 AM

Awesome, can't wait to give this a listen. I love Bumper/Fuck Your Stuff, I'm sure I'll be satisfied with this.

mycuban 10/16/12 10:29 AM

so good.

dannylololol 10/16/12 10:30 AM



wall e 10/16/12 10:39 AM

Sweet Jesus my body and brain is ready. Most anticipated

stereokiller 10/16/12 10:46 AM



trevorshmevor 10/16/12 11:16 AM

Ugh, I would have to go to work right now. Oh well, I have something to look forward to for when I'm off now!

kidwithhelmet 10/16/12 11:16 AM

Lunch break!

alecesp09 10/16/12 11:23 AM

don't let anybody not listen to this.

Gatorjd 10/16/12 11:43 AM

So good.

Jason Tate 10/16/12 12:00 PM

So. Good.

brook183 10/16/12 12:07 PM

SO. Good.

almightykingdom 10/16/12 12:23 PM

After one listen WDELH is pretty damn good. Their is so much going on in this album that it begs for multiple listens