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Drew Beringer 10/16/12 09:12 AM

Pre-Order New Deftones Album
You can pre-order Deftones' upcoming new album Koi No Yokan here.

carlosonthedrums 10/16/12 09:18 AM


CoheedForever 10/16/12 09:18 AM

I would pre-order if there was a vinyl.. But that shirt is awesome. I want it.

(. j) 10/16/12 09:40 AM

The lithograph and t-shirt are pretty cool looking. The price isn't too bad either.

brook183 10/16/12 10:59 AM

Really cool bundle at a fair price. Unfortunately, I've been spending waaay too much lately.

TheRealJohnOC 10/16/12 12:07 PM

The 7.99 shipping kills me but it is the Tones. Plus a shot to get the band to autograph the lithograph? Can't really say no.

Supernova 10/16/12 12:40 PM

That lithograph look sweet.

Capulet 10/16/12 01:29 PM


mka12992 10/16/12 03:57 PM

If this doesn't come out on vinyl, I'll be really disappointed.

goodtennis! 10/16/12 05:18 PM


Chemical Love 10/16/12 05:20 PM

Eh, not $40 worthy.

fearthesloths 10/16/12 05:39 PM

no vinyl. :(

Journey408 10/16/12 11:22 PM

want. dat. shirt!

jesse_hitz 10/17/12 08:05 AM

got that shit ordered.

Ohaidere 10/17/12 09:17 AM

$40? I better not. No shirt or a 1% chance the lithograph is signed is worth that. I'll just pick up the album when it comes out.