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abusedcat 10/16/12 11:38 AM


Originally Posted by TomAce (Post 114261872)
i dont hate new green day at all (i feel like i should, but i just dont) but still, it's near impossible for me to think "this is the same band that made Dookie and Insomniac". there used to be just so much more there.

I feel the exact same way.

Basketcase 10/16/12 12:23 PM

Dos definitely has a Foxboro vibe to it judging from the song in the trailer. sounds great!

tdlyon 10/16/12 01:59 PM

I'm definitely looking forward to Tre the most out of all of them. Apparently Dirty Rotten Bastards is a long, epic, Jesus of Suburbia type song, which makes me incredibly excited because JoS is one of my favorite songs ever.

grimis16 10/16/12 02:35 PM

wow they suck

Steeeve Perry 10/16/12 03:28 PM


Originally Posted by TomAce (Post 114264332)
honestly, i think the only terrible album they've released was 21st century breakdown. i thought American Idiot deserved every last word of acclaim it got. i mean, i would've preferred a stripped down 12-14 short song traditional GD album, but that record is a staggering achievement.

it's just with these new songs it seems like he wrote the lyrics for all 3 albums in one night.

I completely agree with AI, but also enjoyed 21CBD. It just lacked a few killer songs (not that it needed more!) Uno is just a good collection of songs, I enjoy about three-quarters of them. Not so much Troublemaker, Kill the DJ. Carpe Diem, Angel Blue, Oh Love! I can leave or take. I expect Dos and Tre to better it.

Archael 10/16/12 05:45 PM

the chances this will suck

100 %

PaperLantern 10/16/12 07:53 PM

This should be awesome, and better than Uno, which I really liked. It's still too early to say where Uno falls in their discography, but I'd probably put it behind nimrod, AI, Insomniac, and Dookie.

TomAce 10/16/12 08:19 PM

everyone forgets about Warning tho

Journey408 10/16/12 11:21 PM

blood, sex, booze

WeWereGiants 10/17/12 07:25 AM


Originally Posted by Journey408 (Post 114295522)
blood, sex, booze

My all time favourite Green Day song.

Not really looking forward to this but I'll still give it a chance.

a speedo model 10/17/12 08:10 AM

tefarez 10/20/12 04:19 PM

so awesome