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Drew Beringer 10/17/12 01:50 PM

Free No Sleep Fall '12 Sampler
No Sleep Records has released its Fall 2012 Sampler for free download via its Bandcamp page.

absolution 10/17/12 02:23 PM

A reminder of what a stellar roster the label has put together -- the wonder years should really be on here as well

galkain 10/17/12 03:03 PM

Kinda similar to the summer sampler minus the exclusive songs. I got it for the Major League song.

bladerdude360 10/17/12 03:30 PM

Will check this out. There are definitely some familiar names on there that I haven't listened to yet for whatever reason.

ale5875 10/17/12 03:33 PM

Defintely worth downloading.

Johnny Minardi 10/17/12 05:16 PM

Great sampler. I love that labels like No Sleep are still such music lovers that they're willing to put out free samplers to help the bands. Way to be Chris!

_veges_ 10/17/12 05:20 PM

Worth the download for sure, especially if you're unfamiliar with the majority of the bands

leftapart 10/17/12 05:25 PM

Downloaded! Stoked to give it a listen.

daftpunker45 10/17/12 05:41 PM

Great label.

guitarguy211 10/17/12 06:27 PM

I have so many free songs from No Sleep to still go through. Thanks guys!

cowlord 10/17/12 08:17 PM

No Sleep and Hopeless dude. Would also put Pure Noise in that category now. Epitaph if they weren't signing so many shitty bands now.

saddr weirdr 10/17/12 11:51 PM

I'm stoked that there's finally a high quality file of Open Letter!

lilith avi 10/18/12 05:29 AM

Awesome. Can't wait to listen to this later.

Spencer Control 10/18/12 07:36 AM

Will download. I was just marveling yesterday at how good Desoto Jones is.

MILFCORE 10/18/12 01:18 PM

Now, Now is on No Sleep?