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northnorthjake 10/19/12 10:37 AM

i need some of those jeans

BRB BOWFLEX 10/19/12 11:29 AM

just heard this song on the radio! if before to long every one is loving this than you will see finaly. this genre will catch on and is the next big thing to hit the music,, honastly, do you know? if it is the auto tune that you dont like, then they do this on purpose and you did not know of that. the strongest part is when he punchs down the wall and says 'i no longer fear when i go blind''.once he can finaly 'see' i cant even blame him for punching down the rich white man either because you cannot always be trapped in side of there lies.

BRB BOWFLEX 10/19/12 11:30 AM

i am not also even in the band

OhioIndie 10/19/12 11:56 AM

Bowflex dude: "Next big thing to hit music"? This style of music has been going on for quite some time without getting mainstream, and Paramedic sounds just like everything currently out there.
Their "Devil In Me" EP still had a hint of uniqueness to it. Once they changed that, they got signed, and now we have this generic stuff.

The lead singer can actually sing. I've seen it. But it's obvious that he's relying on autotune in the verses, and I have no clue why.

Also, this band's main following, and who it seems to cater to, is early-teen scene girls. They post all over the band's Facebook page, and they defend the band to the ends of the earth. So I'm looking forward to being torn apart here.

RyanWilliam 10/19/12 12:14 PM

HATE THESE GUYS. Biggest Facebook spammers ever. And they definitely have the worst merch known to man.

cowlord 10/19/12 01:27 PM

This band used to be good. Embarassed to be from the same are code now.

xdoodle12 10/19/12 04:17 PM

Are those chaps ass-less too? LOLLLLLL

Handraa 10/19/12 04:18 PM

Damnit...my state is ruined.

ARo2431 10/19/12 04:34 PM

More like the suckeye state. This is horrible.

justbradley 10/19/12 06:50 PM

The only thing redeemable about this band are their cleans, but they're auto-tuned. :(

justbradley 10/19/12 06:54 PM


Originally Posted by LadyLeonhart (Post 114378332)
You're all garbage and obviously can't appreciate good music so piss off. Every single one of them is more talented than you could ever hope to be. They're making their dreams happen, who are you to criticize that from your computer screen, seriously.

More like you can't appreciate a different opinion. Who cares if a stranger doesn't like this band? I just listened to this song, and I don't like them. Why do you care? I don't make generic scene-core, so I don't want to be as "talented" as them, anyway. We can "criticize" if we'd like, because that's what people (and reviewers) do. If you like this band, why do peoples' different opinions matter? Either you're in this band, or you can't accept that people don't like them.

youenvydoug 10/19/12 11:21 PM

There's good music videos and then there's this pile of hot steamy turds.

I dug the parts where the dude wasn't screaming into the mic even though it was in his hand lol

blackmold 10/20/12 03:55 AM

Imagine how stoked they were to be featured as an AbsolutExclusive on here only to get mostly negative comments. It's hilarious.

seanwaits 10/22/12 07:16 AM

Did he forget that he had a microphone for the intro? hahaha

Handraa 10/22/12 09:06 AM


Originally Posted by seanwaits (Post 114458712)
Did he forget that he had a microphone for the intro? hahaha

At least Ohio has you guys!