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hiddentrack 10/19/12 06:13 AM

Kodaline - Kodaline EP
Kodaline - The Kodaline EP
Record Label: B-Unique Records (UK) / Sony RCA
Release Date: September 7, 2012


Kodaline is a four-piece band from Dublin (Stephen Garrigan, Mark Prendergast, Vinny May Jr and Jason Boland)

How is it?

Propelled by their song placement in the popular show Grey's Anatomy, Kodaline's strongest track is "All You Want", an emotional song about longing for love. Every single note the singer hits will tug at your heart strings and the build up at the end of the song is a beautiful combination of vocal harmonies and strong instrumentation. "Pray" is haunting ballad that starts off slowly with the singer softly singing over an acoustic guitar and piano. The lyrics "What I would give to see you again... I'll pray for you." paint a picture of a lover lost and how he would give anything to get her back. If you wanted to make a break up mixtape, this song would definitely be on it. Look for these guys to continue to grow and hopefully a full length album is on the horizon because they have a chance to really make a splash in the industry.

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Track Listing1. All You Want
2. Lose Your Mind
3. Pray
4. Perfect World