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Drew Beringer 10/21/12 05:31 PM

New Tegan and Sara Song
In the replies you can stream a new Tegan and Sara song titled "I'm Not Your Hero." It's off the band's upcoming album Heartthrob, due out this January.

Drew Beringer 10/21/12 05:31 PM

Jeff_Ryan 10/21/12 05:32 PM

I really think they've gotten better with every album so I'm looking forward to this

runningohfive 10/21/12 05:51 PM

I love them so much. I'm enjoying this a lot.

adamoflazzarath 10/21/12 06:09 PM

im afraid we've lost them for good

aradiantsunrise 10/21/12 06:13 PM

Like it a lot.

jasonmeowz 10/21/12 06:20 PM

was kind of crap live but this is good.

mka12992 10/21/12 06:26 PM

Don't think I'm digging this direction, to be honest... We'll see when the album comes out, I guess.

Say Hello 87 10/21/12 06:40 PM

its ok..

swimbearswim 10/21/12 06:53 PM

Those aren't even real drums, are they lol?

Mr. November 10/21/12 07:01 PM


liek wherre r the guaitrs?

sargentlgfuad 10/21/12 07:32 PM

I don't think I've ever been as disappointed in a band's direction as I am right now with this.

Where is Tegan & Sara? This is so so damn bad.

signal to noise 10/21/12 07:43 PM

so...are they trying to write big hit songs now?

AReiss 10/21/12 08:04 PM


Originally Posted by signal to noise (Post 114449662)
so...are they trying to write big hit songs now?

Maybe pressured to do so from their label? Are they still on a major?

sohcampco 10/21/12 08:14 PM

I think that after SIX records these girls have earned the right to do whatever they want. I'm kind of surprised by the direction they decided to take, but I can understand wanting a change.

I'm not in love with these songs, but I respect them, and you guys should too :)