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Dustin Harkins 10/22/12 10:10 AM


Originally Posted by weworemasks (Post 114463682)
it's been a weak year, in my opinion. but man the 4th quarter has been delivering, huh?

you and me both.

-delivered, as expected. A+ on the brooks memes.
-WTF was with that nas video?
-i'm all but jumped ship on trouble man. i root for t.i. cause his early shit up to paper trail is some of my favs, but man. so inconsistent lately.
-fuck chief keef, and now i'm going to watch SBS

not far enough

it's amazing how the label does not give half a shit about all the lil jojo stuff from a few weeks back. unreal.

Agreed 100%. I hate it.

Speaking of which, your link for 100 TITC chapters goes to the same Chief Keef article. :-p

swimbearswim 10/22/12 12:27 PM

This year wasn't bad at all..... You just had to really look.

Clear Soul Forces - Detroit Revolutions <= This is amazing and free.
Blu & Exile - Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them
Rapsody - The Idea of Beautiful
Scienze & King I Divine - Divine Scienze
Kendrick Lamar - GKMC
Nas - Life is Good
Danny! - Payback
Chuuwee - Wild Style

Murs & 9th Wonder album dropping next month. Pac Div as well.

Journey408 10/22/12 12:46 PM

mgk sucks. anyone who actually likes that crap is probably a juggalo\poser