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Christian Wagner 10/22/12 05:01 AM

ABSOLUTExclusive: The Lion Faced Boy
The Lion Faced Boy from Tampa, FL is set to release the group's debut record Suspended Disbelief on November 6th. It calls to mind the likes of Say Anything and The Early November. Check out "Sam Is..." on the band's AP.net profile and leave your thoughts in the replies.

InfiniteArms 10/22/12 05:51 AM

Say Anything is a spot on. Good ear.

Ryanlolz 10/22/12 06:32 AM

Sam Is... A Real Boy

nickthehick2 10/22/12 07:01 AM

Sounds a bit like Single File

applesandcyanid 10/22/12 08:06 AM

Band is underrated. Best of luck to them and good track.

JayBee420 10/22/12 08:56 AM

Always a good band. So good.

Christian Wagner 10/22/12 10:53 AM


Originally Posted by nickthehick2 (Post 114458362)
Sounds a bit like Single File

DUDE. Yes. Didn't think people remember them.