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Keagan Ilvonen 10/22/12 07:47 AM

Sleeping With Sirens Post New Song
Sleeping With Sirens' new Halloween song "Dead Walker Texas Ranger" can be streamed in the replies.

Submitted by Jerold Sunga

Keagan Ilvonen 10/22/12 07:47 AM

Sheluligans 10/22/12 07:50 AM

I'm sort of a fan of these guys and I'll admit this is just horrible. I hope this isn't a preview of what's on their next album.

dohare 10/22/12 07:52 AM

is this just a halloween track or something? because i dug the direction of their last album, this is a complete regression if it's a song from new stuff.

JamesMichael 10/22/12 07:56 AM

Clearly just a track for Halloween and I didn't think it was that bad probably just something for fun. Didn't a track supposedly leak from their album other month?

bobsheiskawy 10/22/12 08:09 AM

not a huge fan of music for any specific holiday. this is listenable if you aren't paying too much attention to the lyrics.

Quijiba 10/22/12 08:09 AM

yeah hope this is just a halloween track because this is not nearly as good as the rest of their material

adamPOP 10/22/12 08:14 AM

I like it.

Beej 347 10/22/12 08:21 AM

more money for rise

Ryan Gardner 10/22/12 08:49 AM

It's just a Halloween track for fun

Not too good, but I have high hopes for their next record

_><_ 10/22/12 08:58 AM

This band is doomed if they record their new stuff with Mizell.

HeyItsAllyssa 10/22/12 09:26 AM

If you don't pay attention to the lyrics it's actually good white noise. I like it.

billyboatkid 10/22/12 10:13 AM

I like it. Just a fun Halloween song.. Whatevs

hotpopulation 10/22/12 10:16 AM

It's a Halloween song - lighten up, critics

kbomb001 10/22/12 10:24 AM


Originally Posted by _><_ (Post 114461492)
This band is doomed if they record their new stuff with Mizell.