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Jason Tate 10/22/12 08:13 AM

Fans Report In: Say Anything
At the Say Anything show in NJ, Max announced that the band would be releasing the box set of all their material prior to ... Is a Real Boy, in early 2013 -- with a tentative month of January.

Submitted by Anonymous

syntax omitted 10/22/12 08:20 AM


Originally Posted by SuNDaYSTaR (Post 114460112)
Have they released anything besides Baseball before that?

Yeah. Menorah/Majora. Also I think the For Sale... (Tour EP) too.

Trevor Sostarich 10/22/12 08:41 AM

Cannot wait for this. Hopefully there's a vinyl press of Baseball.

stonecoldfox 10/22/12 08:49 AM

My birthday's in January so that would be an amazing birthday present for myself.

Xiegfried 10/22/12 08:56 AM

This is fantastic. I've been waiting for this for a while now.

Loserkid41 10/22/12 09:25 AM

The January part is new but...

jdr277 10/22/12 09:32 AM


Originally Posted by syntax omitted (Post 114460182)
Yeah. Menorah/Majora. Also I think the For Sale... (Tour EP) too.

Also Junior Varsity EP, and Dormroom Demos. Not sure if he plans on releasing all of them but that's cool.

CamdenJohn 10/22/12 10:10 AM

Wait wait wait....you mean all the stuff they used to refuse to play because they thought it sucked?

Poochemist 10/22/12 10:44 AM

That's cool, yo.

bladerdude360 10/22/12 10:45 AM

Pretty cool. Depending on how expensive it is I would check this out.

ghelms88 10/22/12 11:35 AM

On the fence about buying this.

EastCoastVans 10/22/12 12:22 PM

I'm definitely excited to complete my Say Anything physical media collection, between this and the vinyl press of IDOTG. I don't remember Max saying January at the NJ show, but stoked nonetheless. I hope this includes more than just Baseball and Menorah/Majorah, that was all Max mentioned on stage.

unnameworthy 10/22/12 12:23 PM

One of my best friends, the only bigger early SA fan than myself I know, has a January birthday. Too awesome. I hope there's a CD version. And I hope the Dormroom Demos make the release; that's my favorite pre-iaRb body of work.

Now I just want Max to record another SA record I can actually give a damn about. I don't think the last two were bad music; I just couldn't attach myself to them no matter how I tried.

ben mears 10/22/12 01:37 PM

this is cool, but i'm pretty sure i have everything. even stuff max probably doesn't know he even recorded.

hopefully the booklet is full of goodies, like stories, early pics, etc.

mattdefillippo 10/22/12 02:49 PM