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Jason Tate 10/22/12 08:14 AM

P.O.S Posts Video for "Get Down"
P.O.S' new video for "Get Down" can be found here.

Ryan Gardner 10/22/12 08:56 AM

One of the strangest videos I've ever seen. P.O.S. is the man

mybreakingpoint 10/22/12 11:17 AM

This video is rad. P.O.S. can do no wrong.

kidwithhelmet 10/22/12 01:22 PM

Don't care for the video at all. Song/album are dope.

neo506 10/22/12 01:31 PM

Is Mike wearing a Justin Beiber shirt?

theintention 10/22/12 06:12 PM

The fact that this thread has 4 comments, and Avril Lavigne's shit show has 10 times more then that is everything wrong with music today.

Awesome album.

dancelukedance 10/23/12 04:51 PM


Originally Posted by neo506 (Post 114472332)
Is Mike wearing a Justin Beiber shirt?

i noticed that?

Video is sick.