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Keagan Ilvonen 10/22/12 08:35 AM

Anberlin Posts Track By Track Commentary For "Vital"
You can listen to Anberlin's track by track commentary for their new album, Vital on Spotify.

hahasnorlax 10/22/12 09:01 AM

They make me laugh. It's cool to hear about how their writing process works these days. Nate is contributing a lot more than drums, pretty sweet.

combatchuckaa 10/22/12 09:17 AM

Good listen.

SpyKi 10/22/12 09:56 AM

fuck. why are things not available in the UK ever?

MGAdams 10/22/12 10:15 AM


brothemighty 10/22/12 10:22 AM

"So..." "...There I was..."

riel_beckham7 10/22/12 10:37 AM

no spotify in canada yet :(

The Gryphonator 10/22/12 10:41 AM

I predict this will be my AOTY.

The Gryphonator 10/22/12 10:45 AM

"Keep enjoying Anberlin records cause we're gonna keep putting them out."

That's what I like to hear!! ^^

SpyKi 10/22/12 10:48 AM

I really hope some kind soul rips this and uploads it for us unfortunate folks that don't get to hear it.

COLEMAN902 10/22/12 12:24 PM

Didn't realize that was Nate singing on the bridge of "Other Side."

Jack Appleby 10/22/12 05:31 PM

Really love when bands do this.

Mattylikesfilms 10/22/12 10:11 PM

I truly feel like this is the bands best album to date.

leftapart 10/23/12 12:42 AM

Really love when bands do this.

BozzBlonde 10/23/12 01:15 PM

So fun to listen to stuff like this. Would have liked to hear more on the lyrics.