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Jason Tate 10/22/12 08:38 AM

New We Are the In Crowd Next Year
We Are The In Crowd will have a new album coming out next year.

Submitted by esposimi

Penguin 10/22/12 08:38 AM


EndlessPrisoner 10/22/12 08:45 AM

I'll listen, hopefully it doesn't fall flat like the last one. First and last tracks were solid. Everything in between was boring.

carlosonthedrums 10/22/12 08:54 AM

Love this band.

guitarguy211 10/22/12 09:07 AM

Awesome, I listen to both of their releases a lot.

Manufactured Dreams 10/22/12 09:07 AM


brothemighty 10/22/12 09:08 AM

Brothemighty will buy the new We Are the In Crowd album coming out next year.

bobsheiskawy 10/22/12 09:14 AM

awesome. looking forward to seeing how they've progressed in the past year.

HeyItsAllyssa 10/22/12 09:14 AM

Oooh interested to see in the subject matter on this next one. I love me some WATIC music

JamesMichael 10/22/12 09:20 AM

I have no doubt this will be so catchy.

Rysker6 10/22/12 09:42 AM

Can't wait for this thing. Also, Tay Jardine is a fox.

tomtom94 10/22/12 09:42 AM


providence36 10/22/12 11:10 AM

they sounded amazing live at warped so I will check this out

blink_my_robot 10/22/12 01:08 PM

their pop rock is like crack and i'm addicted...

phillipjacob 10/22/12 02:06 PM


fbrrocks 10/22/12 04:58 PM

omg yay so excited

Viva Sonata 10/22/12 07:24 PM

Loving it. :D

CBKRP 10/22/12 08:44 PM


Originally Posted by blink_my_robot (Post 114471392)
their pop rock is like crack and i'm addicted...

Nicely said

The Gunz Show 10/23/12 01:44 AM

very ballin. stoked to hear it.

- Gunz

Kowther 10/23/12 05:28 AM

Stoked! This time less electronic drums / synths, more kick and punch if you know what i mean.

Kris_Gontz9 10/23/12 06:02 AM

I really enjoy them, though i really hope it's like Their EP material in "solidness" and not like Best Intentions. Also interesting to hear how they've progressed...

I'm a sucker for Dual Vocals and pop rock...

tefarez 10/23/12 09:53 AM

great news, they are awesome

ShayDe 10/23/12 03:02 PM

EP>Album so hope this is better...