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Coverbydesign 10/23/12 05:26 AM


Originally Posted by Freshman15Davey (Post 114498812)
I mean, wasn't that song they released awhile ago about him as well? It just seems a little redundant.

Yea and the way the album is sounding the whole album is going to be him pitching shit at Tyler.

t00latef0rr0ses 10/23/12 05:57 AM

Hance's voice is killer. Should be used way more. Other than that, it's mehhh.

fna4 10/23/12 06:02 AM

Rise metal has lasted way longer than it should have.

MrDelux 10/23/12 06:20 AM

Call me a looser but.....

I dont enjoy all of the cussing they have added to their songs...

circletheworld 10/23/12 06:25 AM

this sounds exactly like the last song

guitaristbrb 10/23/12 06:28 AM


Originally Posted by Jack Appleby (Post 114497462)
As always, hearing a new Woe song made me re-listen to Oh, Manhattan. Seriously, one of my favorite post-hardcore records - Hance's screams are Keith Buckley-esque, and I love the way his cleans sound on that album.

In case you haven't, go listen: http://open.spotify.com/album/4FrgxRBUOOOiri3ziKS3YT
Whole album is great. Lyrics are fantastic, though note that they were written by the former singer.

Is this Hance's old band? If so then wow. This song and band in general need all Hance and none of that other screamer but I guess having only five members in their band is too little of a number for them. Hehe

WeltallAY 10/23/12 06:53 AM

This album went from being highly anticipated to not at all for me. I don't get why it was such a huge deal that members left W,IM that it caused the new members to latch on and talk all this shit. I mean, if Tyler and Michael never left then Hance and Doriano technically wouldn't have a job in such a well-known job so shouldn't they be happy?...This is all likely Austin's mastermind, who's pinning himself to be be quite the douche after all this. All these lyrics are doing is building up hate amoung very impressionable teens against a SPECIFIC person rather than the general ambiguity usually used within this scene. Finally, why do they keep on singing about [ex W,IM members] talking shit? Besides on King Of Armadillo it seems like they don't really give a shit.

johnnyferris 10/23/12 07:15 AM

Stop being bitter and write better lyrics jeezzz. So overproduced.

ChristianLFTW 10/23/12 07:25 AM

What's Hance gonna do during shows? He'll need a chair or something with how little singing time he gets.

TyBreaker 10/23/12 07:29 AM

Hmmmm lets see....what line should i put before the breakdown...i already hit him with a line about a dick in his mouth.....better tell him to "fucking die" again.

wtfjaked 10/23/12 07:53 AM

This band should seriously invest in adding a songwriter to the band. He can have a tambourine or something.

Capulet 10/23/12 08:30 AM

hey its heavy, is catchy, its bouncy, i like it

Meeze 10/23/12 08:41 AM

It is just so generic. The lyrics must stop. Why do they insist on beating a dead horse?

Coverbydesign 10/23/12 08:46 AM


Originally Posted by ChristianLFTW (Post 114501792)
What's Hance gonna do during shows? He'll need a chair or something with how little singing time he gets.

Run in place and sync head banging with the rest of the band.

Beej 347 10/23/12 08:48 AM


Originally Posted by Jack Appleby (Post 114498722)
I'd be really curious to see Woe and Issues sales numbers compared to other Rise acts. I wonder how much the shenanigans increase sales.

my thoughts