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kbomb001 10/23/12 02:29 PM


Originally Posted by PermanentTourists (Post 114497292)
Terrible band.


deadelement 10/24/12 11:58 AM


Originally Posted by stevenavm (Post 114512152)

man, there's no way they don't miss tim sherrill.

this is really disappointing.

Really wish more people acknowledged this. And that Andrew Paiano they got as a replacement is pretty much a second chug guitarist who is too lazy/shit to play the lead parts from the old songs as well as write new ones.

Chorus itself reminds me of ADTR and has a catchy melody. But fucking hell the lyrics are so atrocious throughout.

princessjinifer 10/24/12 08:43 PM

Eh, I have heard better from them. Too much chug chug here.

formated4tv 10/25/12 07:15 AM

Does anyone else hear the NFL Films song in the intro ?