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Drew Beringer 10/23/12 09:44 AM

ATP Presents: Albums That Changed My Life - The Swellers
Alter The Press spoke to Nick Diener (The Swellers) recently about the albums that changed his life. Check it out here.

AnthonyBTT 10/23/12 01:45 PM

So did that swellers interview with nick and jono ever get posted?

PirateSkater182 10/23/12 05:19 PM

The first time I heard The Swellers was in 06 the day after the Lagwagon and Lawrence Arms tour. Nick filled in on bass for A Wilhelm Scream and they said to check out his band. Been a fan ever since. Loved how much they sounded like NUFAN.

CBKRP 10/23/12 07:34 PM

Thought the EP was gonna be faster... I still like it but it really is just Good For Me part 2 with a little bit more energy.

Aaron Mook 10/24/12 05:59 AM

No Use For A Name was a given, new EP was awesome. Wish I could've seen them with TEN an TWY this past summer.

scormier2 10/24/12 07:05 AM

Must not have remembered September 96 in this interview.