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Drew Beringer 10/23/12 11:19 AM

ABSOLUTExclusive: Thrice Looks Back (Video)
Along with our friends at PureVolume and the Absolute Voices sites, we're proud to bring one of six videos featuring Riley Breckenridge discussing Thrice's discography. It's really interesting and sheds some light on what went into each release - a must-watch for any Thrice fan. In the replies, you can find our exclusive video of Riley discussing The Alchemy Index: Vol. I + II as well as links to the other five videos.

Drew Beringer 10/23/12 11:19 AM

hectorial85 10/23/12 11:29 AM

Awesome. Thanks for posting this.

Aliarcy 10/23/12 11:31 AM

pretty sweet, can't wait for Anthology. wish there was more about AI 1&2 though. water is probably my favorite of their entire catalog

alegnaanaconda 10/23/12 11:38 AM

While I love Vheissu and the songs on Alchemy Index I & II that sound like it, I always thought The Alchemy Index III & IV were the best stuff Thrice ever put out. I wish that band existed on its own, that's how much I love it. I even watched The Boy Who Could Fly so I could understand A Song For Milly Michaelson. It's beautiful, there's nothing else out there like it. It's sad to hear Riley not say the most positive things about the making of the album and the effects of it, but it's still one I'll always keep going back to.

brook183 10/23/12 11:41 AM

I wanna know what the other band names were that they considered along with "Thrice."

suicidesaints 10/23/12 11:44 AM

Can't wait to get home and watch this video (firewalled at work)

TheRxBandit 10/23/12 11:52 AM

I want MORE! But also, sheesh, turn down the music level in this video. It was really hard to listen to this.

carlosonthedrums 10/23/12 12:23 PM

Poor Riley always gets caught mid-blink in video freeze frames.

johnnyferris 10/23/12 12:28 PM

Man, I need to get more into their discography.

phaynes1 10/23/12 12:42 PM

Watching all these was pretty awesome. Love this band.

Likelinus 10/23/12 12:56 PM

Great videos. thanks for that!
I'm really worried about what will happen with Thrice. If this "break" is meant to be 2-5 years, it's probably only good for them. But if we start talking 5-10 years they'll probably drift apart.

qwerty22 10/23/12 01:13 PM

These are all great, but the selfish fan in me wishes they were each an hour long.

jetsetvenom 10/23/12 01:17 PM

Are the tracks in the background of these videos from Anthology? If so, they sound AMAZING.

PetitnaindesĪles 10/23/12 01:22 PM

it's me or he really looks like an older joseph gordon levitt