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Kyle Thrash 10/24/12 01:08 PM

"Lock-Picks" is a Never Better B-Side in all the right ways. After a couple listens I love the album. Not sure where it ranks yet among others.

Drew Beringer 10/24/12 08:41 PM


Originally Posted by The Meech (Post 114581912)
I'm not a hip-hop / rap guy by any means at all but with how much this site loves this dude I might just have to check it out.

hey Drew, are you reviewing Atlas?


almightykingdom 10/24/12 09:26 PM

Album is definitely a grower. Didn't hook me upon first listen as Never Better did. Drew, what did you think of the bonus tracks?

FaceLixeMurder 10/24/12 11:13 PM

Really loving this

StartAngry&Mad 10/25/12 07:07 AM


Originally Posted by sakattack123 (Post 114557542)
The thing about P.O.S, and Doomtree as a whole, is how amazing they are live. I'm slightly disappointed with Get Down solely because for the past year and a half or so whenever I've seen it played, it's SUCH an awesome/fun song. It still is, of course, but I just don't like the recorded beat as much. I cannot wait to hear How We Land live. I bet Justin will be at the CD release show or something. Anyway, love the album, awesome review, amazing artist. Can't wait for this year's blowout.

Totally agree, I've been waiting anxiously to hear the studio version and it just doesn't hit as hard or fast as it does in live performances. Which is not meant as disrespect, because the track is still mean, but I was wondering whether someone would comment on that.

StartAngry&Mad 10/25/12 07:08 AM

Oh, and anyone have any thoughts on the picture disc? I've been trying to get answers on it anywhere possible with no luck; I've been wanting to order it on vinyl, but have always steered clear of picture discs and haven't heard anything regarding a standard pressing

beauvais910 10/26/12 07:24 PM

Starting to like this one more than never better and I didn't think that was possible.

collapsing 10/28/12 09:29 AM

what's with all the hubub surrounding this guy

Cheesus 10/29/12 12:17 AM

Lyrical gold mine here

cubine 10/30/12 04:12 PM


Originally Posted by Drew Beringer (Post 114527962)
There's something about this album that I like more than Never Better. Both records are high for me though, I guess I must be deaf cuz I love the entire album and the first time I heard it a few months ago I immediately hit repeat. Maybe I just like it more cuz it's a bit more accesible and I think the slower jams on this album are little more refined and focused than what Never Better had.

and Dre is reviewing KL

I've always thought POS is at his best when he's just on fire. I wasn't sure how the new beat style would work with that but thanks to tracks like Get Down and Weird Friends he's shown he can kill it over this weird new dancey shit. And there are more moments like that than on Never Better, so yeah I think it's better to.

MBIIdollaBill 01/21/13 01:50 PM

Where is the song with the guy from Motion City Soundtrack?!?

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brook183 06/02/14 06:12 AM

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