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Deborah Remus 10/23/12 12:59 PM

Cobra Skulls "Eagle Eyes" Video
Watch the new Cobra Skulls music video for "Eagle Eyes" in the replies.

Deborah Remus 10/23/12 01:00 PM

NKYVox 10/23/12 01:18 PM

These guys opened for my old band 5 years ago...I was drunk...I thanked them on stage for opening for us... then I accidently called them "Cobra Skullship". Embarassing.

Poochemist 10/23/12 02:28 PM

Sounds different from their older stuff I'm familiar with.

PirateSkater182 10/23/12 03:37 PM


Originally Posted by Poochemist (Post 114521122)
Sounds different from their older stuff I'm familiar with.

My thoughts exactly. The stuff I'm used to hearing is wayyy faster than this. Sounds decent though. The chorus to this song is defiantly catchy.

Liciakasher 10/23/12 04:01 PM

I bought this 7'' last week and honestly, I don't like it. They're one of my favorite bands, too, so i wanted to like it so bad but I just can't get into it.

Deborah Remus 10/23/12 05:51 PM

I like this song more than I like anything that was on Agitations.

Jaytothesyg 10/23/12 07:32 PM

Could never get into this band. Still cant

Dan1234 10/23/12 09:52 PM

This song does sound pretty good. I love thier first cd so much. Faith is a Cult is probably my favorite song by them.