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swimbearswim 10/23/12 06:00 PM

I knew his favorite rapper was really gmcfosho.

kevvlahh 10/23/12 06:01 PM

ohhhhh... get well dude. much love and prayers your way. hope all goes well.

coreysetfail 10/23/12 06:03 PM

Not sure if this has been asked yet, but I need to ask before you head out..The Four Fists. Still happening?

Poochemist 10/23/12 06:03 PM

How did you arrange that collab with Jason Shevchuk? Kid Dynamite is one of my favorite bands and it was great to hear his voice in hip hop.

bladerdude360 10/23/12 06:05 PM

Just got here. Sad to have missed him, but very cool for him to take the time and do this. Best wishes for his health and his family. Hope to see him back at 100% soon. The new album rips, very much enjoying it.

Merkin 10/23/12 06:08 PM

yyoyo stef, anyway we can get the instrumental version of your album too if we ordered from your site or is that like a whole new purchase?

rhymesayers 10/23/12 06:10 PM

Thanks for chatting with P.O.S, everyone!
Make sure to scoop up the new album We Don't Even Live Here at Fifth Element or iTunes, or your fave local place to buy music!

Follow him on Facebook or Twitter, too.

Peace y'all. Thanks for the support.

TheCombatWombat 10/23/12 06:14 PM

I'm a bit late, so I am unsure if this question has been asked yet.
Forgive me if I am supporting redundancy

Can you tell us anything about The Four Fists project with Astronautalis?

F. Scott Fitzgerald and gnarly tunage is a recipe for the greatest record of all time, imho.

Cheesus 10/23/12 06:31 PM

I remember seeing you at warped tour SF in like 06'ish and it was dope. You had everyone put their hands in the air cause the crowd was hella not groovy and then it was after a minute. Your music is killer and that thing with the cups is dope.

Kyle Thrash 10/24/12 07:18 AM


Originally Posted by P.O.S DOOMTREE (Post 114529552)
id tour with them


When you played with Brand New in allentown my shit was lost.

annalem 10/10/13 05:14 PM