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Deborah Remus 10/23/12 05:45 PM

New Lagwagon Material is in the Works
Joey Cape has confirmed that he has started writing new Lagwagon material.
From the InterviewWe take a long time to make records, but we have been touring this whole year to support that box set, and all the old stuff is really riffy. Honestly like doing that all year has kind of awakened something in me. Two months ago we were on tour in Europe and I woke up one day and was like I got it, I know what to do! and started writing. I have written a whole bunch of stuff, and basically were waiting to finish out this tour and then the Australia tour, and after that were gonna get in a room together. Ive already talked to the other guys in the band about what were gonna do.

Mrk_Brdshw 10/23/12 05:57 PM

Hell. yes. I cannot wait for this.

I honestly didn't think I'd ever see another Lagwagon release. Joey always said in interviews that all of the songs he was writing in the last few years just didn't feel like Lagwagon, so he couldn't justify forcing another album (which is the exact impression I got from their last EP). If he is in the zone enough to write more LW material, then I'm all for it.

fishguts182 10/23/12 06:11 PM

hell yes!

PirateSkater182 10/23/12 06:17 PM


Big_Guy 10/23/12 06:35 PM

that last ep sucks. glad to see Joey agrees with me

JonnyJonnyJonny 10/23/12 06:44 PM


crutchfield 10/23/12 07:26 PM

Awesome. Duh trashed and hoss are classics.

CBKRP 10/23/12 07:27 PM

Wow, one more Lagwagon record for the road will be nice

CellarGhosts 10/23/12 08:40 PM

fucking awesome news.

HogarthHughes 10/23/12 08:44 PM

Nice! I have to admit, I was a bit late getting into these guys. Stoked for a new album.

GetUpAndrew 10/23/12 11:30 PM

Great news, can't wait to hear some new stuff.

davxdcampbell 10/24/12 02:30 AM

i saw Lagwagon just a few hours ago in Virginia Beach. Seeing that they are writing new material is so awesome! My only compllaint about last night is when Joey sang his tribute to Tony Sly, how the fxck did only like 10 people out of 500 know the words to International You Day! Damn Tony, you will be missed!

brentstailing 10/24/12 07:05 AM

Best news ever.

circasuicide 10/24/12 08:06 AM

holy shit. i haven't listened to lagwagon since they put out their single "please play this song on the radio" off their #1 album Decemberunderground. so excited for this! I didn't realize Geffen still had them signed.

pillbox remedy 10/24/12 08:23 AM

i hope they go back to being "riffy"! :)