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Jason Tate 10/24/12 10:58 AM

Fall Out Boy "Working on New Songs"?
The "digital pop culture impresario" Keltie Colleen has tweeted that Fall Out Boy are "working on new songs." No confirmation yet. We'll keep you updated if we hear anything.

sirensongofra 10/24/12 10:59 AM

need proof before i start getting overexcited

DevinDomino 10/24/12 11:01 AM

Don't you fucking blue ball me, Fall Out Boy. Please let this be true.

dmcaloon 10/24/12 11:02 AM

Just as Andy joins some other band? I guess it's possible. Not so sure how much I believe it, though.

SomedayTheFire 10/24/12 11:03 AM


Amongster 10/24/12 11:04 AM

dannylololol 10/24/12 11:05 AM

That would be neeeeat

underdawg1119 10/24/12 11:05 AM

Also gonna require proof, but holy fuck if this is true.

anthonydarko 10/24/12 11:06 AM

I fucking doubt it.

gonfreaks 10/24/12 11:06 AM

I don't really believe it but I sure as hell hope that they are.

taborbrown 10/24/12 11:06 AM

I don't believe it, but, I wish it were true.

Ryan Gardner 10/24/12 11:07 AM

This would complete my life

NateFoundGlory 10/24/12 11:07 AM

Until I have a physical copy in my hands, I believe nothing.

Festivus 10/24/12 11:07 AM

Digital pop culture impresario.... ok.

mattregan 10/24/12 11:09 AM

Dance, dance!