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Jason Tate 10/24/12 11:24 AM

New Sleeping at Last Song
Sleeping At Last has released a new song, entitled "Masquerade", which will be in the movie "Fun Size" (in theaters this Friday).

Submitted by a nice person

Joe DeAndrea 10/24/12 11:38 AM

My victoria justice senses are tingling.

Jeff_Ryan 10/24/12 11:46 AM

I enjoy his music

PetitnaindesĪles 10/24/12 11:56 AM

still as good as i hoped though it's basically a solo project now. i can't wait to hear the next full lenght

plns 10/24/12 12:31 PM

With how much I love this band and how many times I have masturbated to Victoria Justice, this movie is sure to be great.

awakeohsleeper 10/24/12 01:21 PM


Originally Posted by Joe DeAndrea (Post 114555812)
My victoria justice senses are tingling.

My Sleeping At Last senses are tingling!

Anthony Sorendino 10/24/12 08:46 PM

Sample sounds amazing. Such a great voice.

FireInTheSky 10/25/12 05:42 AM

I feel like these guys need to evolve a little. Keep No Score was amazing, and Storyboards was alright, but everything afterwards has sounded kind of stagnant—musicianship and talent aside, I just want to hear something new from these guys.