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Ryan Gardner 10/24/12 04:17 PM

Every Avenue Annouce Hiatus and Farewell Tour Dates
Every Avenue have announced their hiatus farewell tour: The Last Call Tour. Supporting acts include Set It Off, Conditions, Wilson, and Car Party. Dates are in the replies.
Quote from frontman David Strauchman"As we have always said 'this is see you later, we're not into goodbyes.' We are not breaking up and are not on bad terms. We have all reached a new chapter in our lives and we are excited about exploring new possibilities!"

Ryan Gardner 10/24/12 04:18 PM

Tour DatesDecember 4, Sokol Underground (Omaha, NE)
December 5, Mill City Nights (Minneapolis, MN)
December 7, The Auricle (Canton, OH)
December 8, The Altar Bar (Pittsburgh, PA)
December 9, Mohawk (Buffalo, NY)
December 11, Sinclair (Boston, MA)
December 12, TLA (Philadelphia, PA)
December 13, Gramercy Theatre (New York, NY)
December 14, The Loft (Poughkeepsie, NY)
December 15, Canal Club (Richmond, VA)
December 16, Empire (Springfield, VA)
December 18, Rocketown (Nashville, TN)
December 19, Firebird (St. Louis, MO)
December 20, St. Andrew’s (Detroit, MI)
December 21, Bottom Lounge (Chicago, IL)
December 22, The Grotto (Port Huron, MI)

kidinthebushes 10/24/12 04:19 PM

I was just thinking about them yesterday.

They made it longer than most neon/pop rock bands did.

lp670sv 10/24/12 04:20 PM


RockVocalPower 10/24/12 04:20 PM

Least surprising news in a while. Their last record was kind of a dud.

tomtom94 10/24/12 04:23 PM

Kind of gutted they pulled out of their UK tour now.

TheRealJohnOC 10/24/12 04:23 PM

I'll be there on the 13th just for Conditions.

hiya 10/24/12 04:28 PM

kind of a shame, will be at the NYC show.

The Gunz Show 10/24/12 04:28 PM

this sucks. such a hard working band too. been seeing them for yeeeears now. since like powerspace and automatic loveletters first ever tour and shit. lotta good memories.

unfortunately i see a lot of this happening to a lot of bands in the next year or so. :(

gonna play them all night on tonight's the gunz show.

- Gunz

justinwho 10/24/12 04:29 PM


kismet 10/24/12 04:31 PM

These hiatuses are killing me. I'll definitely be at the Buffalo show.

brandon_260 10/24/12 04:32 PM

This band is not fun to watch live.

lp670sv 10/24/12 04:32 PM


Originally Posted by kismet (Post 114568812)
These hiatuses are killing me. I'll definitely be at the Buffalo show.

See you there :-(

Manufactured Dreams 10/24/12 04:33 PM

Good riddance, bitches

lp670sv 10/24/12 04:33 PM


Originally Posted by Qadriyyah (Post 114568942)
Good riddance, bitches

Well fuck you too.